Having ulcerative colitis (UC) may impact the quality of life of a person in many ways. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms and the severity of the disease, simple daily tasks may become difficult. Making some lifestyle changes may help a person live well with UC.


For a person with UC, it is important to pay attention to their diet. Some food items may trigger flare-ups. How can one still get the right amount of nutrients they need while keeping these triggers at bay?

Here is a diet plan that may help:

Food to eat

Dietary requirements may change during UC flare-ups. Usually, the best food options for people with UC include:

Fruits and vegetables

Lean protein sources like fish, chicken, lean pork, eggs and tofu

Cereal and other grains

Food to avoid

Some foods items may exacerbate symptoms, such as:

Dairy products

Spicy foods




Keeping a food diary

Planning of what to eat throughout the day and when UC flare-ups occur, can help narrow down personal food triggers. This can be particularly helpful while trying a new diet.

Things to remember

One’s dietary requirements and limitations will change according to the symptoms they have. So, the UC diet plan may differ from person to person. To guarantee that the right quantity of nutrients is taken without worsening of the condition, it is advisable to consult a dietitian.


One should focus on keeping a positive mindset. With proper guidance from a doctor, one may overcome UC and keep the symptoms under control. Joining a support group or being with those who have UC may also help.

Here are a few tips that may help one overcome UC:

Some UC support groups can help with any concerns a person might have, e.g; somebody in a support group may give a travel tip or discuss helpful coping skills.


  • Exercising with a long-term condition like UC may be challenging . Stomach pain and obstinate diarrhoea may leave a person with less energy
  • Getting started with an exercise routine might require some determination, but the benefits one gets are worth the effort
  • Exercising regularly may decrease blood pressure, help maintain a healthy weight and lift one’s mood

In health conditions like UC, which can hinder the quality of life, trigger frustration, anxiety, or depression, physical activity may be beneficial:

Exercises for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Exercises that may help are as follows:





Breathing exercises

The right exercises are usually based on the severity of symptoms and what one can tolerate.
Speak with a doctor for guidance on choosing suitable workouts to avoid flare-ups.


With symptoms like diarrhoea, stomach pain, gas and rectal bleeding, irrespective of the type of work, UC flare-ups can be awkward and might affect one’s productivity at work.

Here are some tips that may help:


The challenges of traveling with ulcerative colitis

People with UC worry about what might happen when they leave home or while travelling. On top of the list is not having access to a washroom nearby. It is important to plan washroom breaks in advance.
At airports, the most valued travel strategy would be to request for a wheelchair. Having a wheelchair also means someone will accompany and help if required . Also, checking in early and going for a bio break before boarding may help.
There are many other practical tips that may help people with UC. Some of these include:

Inform flight attendant about UC

Carry light weight healthy snacks

Inform travel partner/s of the condition

Pack a carry-on hygeine kit containing wipes, shampoo, lotion, a spare pair of extra clothes

Take measures to prevent diarrheal illness

Before going for long trips, talk to the doctor about the medications and precautions that need to be taken

Take the medications in advance and pack them according to the travel schedule

If the world is calling to explore, one should be able to do so with confidence even after having UC by preventing and managing flare-ups.


To keep UC symptoms at bay, living healthy is very important, which may in some cases can occasionally be at odds with stepping out to celebrate an occasion. Here are some tips that can help one celebrate occasionally, even with UC.

Take control of UC by following a healthy lifestyle and taking medicines regularly

Eating well, knowing and avoiding triggers means more control

Avoid alcohol while socializing. One can have a good time even without alcohol

Do not feel inferior and isolate self because of UC

If one ensures to eat well and avoids getting stressed out, they may be able to make the most of their celebration time.